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 Twon9nesnaps (T9S) is a 501(c)3 social media based Veteran Non-profit organization on a mission to end homelessness among ALL of our nation's veterans by using our nationwide network of dedicated members to get our servicemen and women off of the streets and into jobs and adequate housing. We also provide peer to peer counseling services for those veterans and their family members who may be experiencing emotional hardships of any type, at any time, day or night. We have a few other services available as well. Contact us for further information or any other matters and concerns. 

Our History


Twon9nesnaps was formed in late 2014-early 2015 and was originally only Snapchat based. Twon9nesnaps was originally created to boost the morale of Marines and troops on Marine Corps Base Twentynine Palms. Then, through word of mouth, spread to other military installations around the country and later, the world. Around October of 2015 is when Twon9nesnaps took a major turn in direction and aimed to having a purpose more than just entertainment. That purpose being, to help our nation's homeless veterans throughout the country; and now a new purpose of providing a safe and secure network for all members of the military, past and present, to reach out to. 

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" Was passed on the information about this page from a buddy. Wiz is doing great things to help out people who need it, helps keep morale high, and overall is doing a damn good job. Keep up the great work." -Craig B.

" Two9nesnaps is that daily dose of motivation everyone needs and it's all for a great cause too. Helping our brothers and sisters in arms." -JT Benham

" As I go thru some real tough times right now Wiz has helped me understand life and to be strong and move on. It ain't easy, never give up, your not left alone. Wiz is the man to go to for help..." -Joey V.

" I love you wiz. Do you need some crayons? I got you man. Keep up all the great works!" -Chun M.

" Number 1 place to get help as a vet or anyone military in general." -Jhony G.

" Wiz is there for anybody and cares about all branches veteran and active." -Robert W.

" They are always doing what they can to help members. Great guy who clearly cares." -Anthony M.

" Dankest Snapchat ever. Wiz really cares about fellow service members." -Daniel S.

" Wiz is an awesome and sweet person. Always helping people in need even if he doesn't know them. One of the coolest and most kind hearted person I know! " - Amanda H.

" The Wiz, an amazing person who is fair and respectful. I love this page, I love what he does and I love everyone apart of two9snaps. " - Joey B.

" Wiz is awesome. He follow his mission statement with the utmost of his ability and he has quite a team of people who help him ensure all service members are looked out for. " -Nick k.

" Love the group, always willing to help each other out when in need. Igy6 " - Justin S.



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